Friday, 26 September 2014

Karishma has taken over the kitchen

by Max Snow  |  in Soni Singh at  05:04

Karishma has taken over the kitchen.Karishma cooks lunch for everyone along with Soni. It seems Karishma has started playing her game! And why wouldn’t she, Bigg Boss House is all about playing game and surviving and not about making friends.But, as the days are passing, slowly her real shade is coming out!
Karishma has taken over the kitchen

 Her first move began when she took over the kitchen along with Soni as soon as the Secret Society opened it for the house-mates last night.On one hand, Khabri spotted Karishma bitching about Upen to Aarya. And on the other, she took Soni along in the kitchen.


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