Monday, 22 September 2014

I Would LOVE To Host Bigg Boss: Ranveer Singh

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I Would LOVE To Host Bigg Boss: Ranveer Singh.The rumour mill has been abuzz with reports that ‘Gunday’ actor Ranveer Singh may replace Salman Khan as the host of the hit reality TV show Bigg Boss. And while Ranveer confirmed to Indiatimes that he had not been approached by the channel yet, he would love to take up the job!
“I would love to do television,” said the exhuberant actor. “Whenever I promote stuff on TV, producers come up to me later and go ‘Man, you have to do it’.”
Would he want to host season 8 of Bigg Boss then? “I’d love to. But no, I haven’t been approached about the same,” he said
I Would LOVE To Host Bigg Boss: Ranveer Singh
The actor recently hosted the an Indian music awards show and had a blast doing it. “I’d love to host on TV too. I think I have a knack for it. I possess qualities that work well for hosting, the top one being the ability to self deprecate. I’m energetic all day. I don’t know why. I guess I’m just wired this way and I drink a lot of coffee. I got a lot of appreciation for hosting the awards and I know that a lot of work goes into doing so, what with the scripting and getting the gags and gimmicks right. It’s definitely easier to go out and dance,” he said.
Salman Khan has now hosted three seasons of the reality show and is it time to make way for a fresh face? Let us know what you think! Should Ranveer replace Salman?


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