Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fashion Ka Jalwa in Bigg Boss 8 House

by Max Snow  |  in Bigg Boss Show at  03:21

Fashion Ka Jalwa in Bigg Boss 8 House.Our inmates who are locked inside the Bigg Boss house did not have to wait for anything to entertain the world and found a way to spend their time by doing a ghostly ramp walk on the runway. Diandra, who is known for her fashion antics, unveiled her trait as a fashion choreographer on Day 1 of BB8.
Fashion Ka Jalwa in Bigg Boss 8 House

The house was divided into three teams of Zombies, Jokers and Baby Dolls. The inmates pulled out their fashion labels to turn them into their ghostly robe. Post choreographing the act, Diandra took over the brushes to give the inmates a scary look.

That’s not all but the creativity took over when Minissha Lamba decided to lend some tunes to the moves of these dazzling models. Minissha came up with a scary whistle to guide the inmates towards the ramp.
Will this fashion show be appreciated or will it become another piece of mockery by the Secret Society.


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